Check Out The Available Tech In The Honda CR-V

You have a busy schedule, therefore you only have time for a vehicle that is quick, efficient, and most of all helpful. Did you know that the 2021 Honda CR-V is loaded with tech features that will make your life a whole lot easier? It’s true, and if you didn’t already know then you’re in luck, because we’re going to walk you through all of the things you have to look forward to when you invest in a CR-V.

For Your Entertainment

If you’re in your car every day of your life, then you’re going to need the latest and greatest in entertainment. And the CR-V has just that. With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay® integrations, you have access to music, texts, calls, podcasts, maps, and more all at your fingertips. Just plug your phone in, and get ready to browse your playlist on your screen. Then, pick your song and you’re in business!

Some other notably-advanced features are a wireless phone charger and power-adjusting seats. Both of these features prove just how important comfort and functionality are in this vehicle. Charge your phone right in front of you, without having to mess with any annoying cords. Power-adjusting seats help you adjust to your exact desired position, making the drive that much more comfortable.

Safe As Can Be

Part of functionality includes safety. You need a vehicle that’s on your side and will protect you in the case of an emergency. Real Time AWD in all CR-V vehicles uses sensors to calculate when you need more power versus less. This is extra helpful during bad weather or in unknown situations. Another thing you might not even think about is how dangerous a blind spot can be. Well, Honda has taken that worry off your shoulders because this model comes loaded with the Blind Spot Information System that helps keep you in line (literally!) If you start to merge while a car is in your blind spot, the sensors will let you know. Once again, the CR-V is on your side.

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Find Yours Today

If you’re convinced that this is the vehicle for you, stop by Coggins Honda of Bennington for a test drive and to check out some options.