Oreo Pops To Brighten Up Your Day

Chocolate Cookies with Vanilla Cream Filling

Let’s face it, we can’t all be expert bakers. Does that mean we don’t deserve sweet treats? Absolutely not! That’s why we wanted to take the time to share this dessert that literally anyone can make. It’s simple, easy, delicious, and satisfying. The next time you want a dessert, just whip these up and no one will be able to believe you did as little work as you did!

3-Ingredient Oreo Pops

In just 20 minutes, your sweet tooth will be satisfied and your household will be so grateful you made these one-of-a-kind Oreo pops. For this recipe, all you will need is a box of Oreos, some white chocolate, your favorite sprinkles, and some lollipop sticks.

The first thing you will want to do is melt your white chocolate. While your chocolate is melting, start to divide your Oreos in half. Once you half all your Oreos you will need to grab your lollipop sticks. Take your sticks and dip one end into the chocolate and place it onto the Oreo cream side. You will then want to cover your stick with the other side of the Oreo. Make sure to let your cookies sit for a minute so the chocolate can dry to the Oreo. Once your cookie is nice and dry on the inside, you can dip it in the chocolate. Last but not least, roll your chocolate covered cookie in your sprinkles and place them on a silicone pad or parchment paper so they will not stick to the surface. Let your cookies completely cool until you serve.

There are so many different ways you can make your own Oreo pops. You can use any flavored chocolate or icing, and get super creative with the toppings. Not only is this a simple dessert to make, but this would also serve great as a kids activity to do one rainy weekend.

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