Quick Tips For Removing Oil Stains From Your Driveway

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Oil stains are an inevitable part of owning a driveway, but you don’t have to let those unsightly stains stick around. Try these tips to lift those stubborn stains.

Important Considerations

Before you get started, remember that the oil is flammable, and care should be taken with any materials or rags you use to clean it. The chemicals you use can also be harmful to your yard and plants, so don’t let them run off into your lawn to blemish your landscaping. Read the instructions of your cleaning products, as some might recommend protecting nearby plants by soaking them thoroughly with water beforehand.

Cleaning Oil Stains

Although some stains might require dedicated cleaning supplies, you might have some household materials that could do the job in a pinch. Cat litter is designed to absorb, and you can use it to soak up any oils on your driveway’s surface.  Sprinkle some fresh cat litter over any spots you see, then give it some time to soak before scooping it up and discarding it. Follow that up with a rinse, then scrub those areas with water and baking soda. You can also use dish soap to break up the oil, as the household product is specifically formulated to dissolve grease. Use a sturdy brush to scrub away, and be prepared to apply some serious pressure – driveway materials like concrete can endure a strong scrubbing without scuffing too easily.

Treating Tougher Stains

If the oil has really set in on your driveway, you might need to take a more aggressive approach. You can find dedicated oil-remover cleaning materials at many hardware stores. Just be mindful that these can be strong chemicals, and some are intended to be diluted before you use them. You can also fire up a power washer to apply a concentrated jet of water to the concrete. This would be a great way to follow up any of the other methods if you don’t think a gentle rinse will do the trick.

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