Set Your Sights On A Pilot

When you think of the word “pilot,” you instantly picture yourself on a plane, headed off to a vacation destination. What if we told you that the Honda Pilot could take you off on your own mini-vacation? It’s true; this stylish and practical vehicle can do just about anything, and do it all while looking good, too. So pack your bags, load them up inside your Honda Pilot, and get ready to set sail on the drive of your life! Let’s go a little deeper as to why you need a Pilot in your life.

Stunning Design Inside And Out

The Honda Pilot might be a family-friendly SUV, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look great while also taking you and your family where you need to go! From the front bold grille to the lines along the body to the contrasting alloy wheels to the LED accents along the rear, this vehicle is an attention-grabber, to say the least. Looking inside of the Pilot, this potential eight-seater is available in a leather interior and has many options for seating arrangements to maximize your space. When you have little ones or passengers trying to get to the very back, simply press a button, and boom, they have access. There is also the option for CabinTalk available, which allows you to speak to everyone inside the car, even if they are on the third row.

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Technology to Talk About

These days, cell phones are the biggest distraction while behind the wheel. With Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto Integrations, you can view almost anything on your phone without losing sight of the road. Music, text messages, phone calls, and map access are just a few of the perks that come with these features. Another bonus for passengers is Cabin Control, which gives them the option to have a say in the music and temperature. Long gone are the days of yelling to the front, and distracting the driver all to ask them to turn the air off.

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