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Start Your Own (Virtual) Board Game Night

Man playing virtual chess with friend online during social distancing times
If you’ve been staying in more recently, you’re not alone. Of course, you can always turn on some Netflix and sit down in front of the TV. But if you’ve already done that more times than you can count, it may be time to try something new. Why not create... [read more]

Keep Your Toes Cozy This Winter

cat on a bed feet of a person
Cooler months are best enjoyed when it’s crisp and blustery outside and you’re all bundled up in cozy comfort. You may have all the jackets, scarves, and throw blankets you need – but don’t forget about your feet! Comfy socks will keep you warm from bottom to top and help... [read more]

7 Easy Tips For Cleaning Up After The Holidays

Closeup top view of unrecognizable home cleaning products
During the holidays, we know life can get hectic. Cleaning your home may not be your first priority. In fact, it may be better to not worry about it until the holidays have come and gone. If you are looking to get back into your regular cleaning routine, here are... [read more]