Start Your Own (Virtual) Board Game Night

If you’ve been staying in more recently, you’re not alone. Of course, you can always turn on some Netflix and sit down in front of the TV. But if you’ve already done that more times than you can count, it may be time to try something new. Why not create your own board game night? You can easily play with your family, or if you don’t have anyone else at home, you can host a virtual board game night. It’s a great way to hang out with the people you love while doing a fun activity. Who knows? It might just become a regular thing. Check out these board games you should be playing at your next board game night.


Yahtzee is a game that just about everyone loves, and there’s a great chance that you have it at home. If you don’t, there are plenty of other spots where you can nab it for cheap. Ran out of scorecards? No problem – you can easily print them at home. This is a game that’s sure to get everyone excited and feeling competitive, from the kids up to the adults. Whether you play a few rounds or spend the whole night playing, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.


Another classic game that people already have in their homes? Monopoly. Of course, this game does take a bit longer to play than many other games out there. But hey, if you have nothing but time, what do you have to lose? This game combines strategy and luck in a super fun way, and even kids can play it. Plus, if you do decide to play with the little ones, they’ll get a little mini-lesson about the economy. It may not be reading a book, but at least they can learn something in the process.

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If you’re looking for the ideal game to play virtually, Battleship maybe your best option. You and your friend are both going to need a set, but once you have that, you can easily play over Zoom. Battleship is a classic. If you’ve played it before, you already know how fun it can be. However, if you’ve never tried it, this is a great time to get it and play with a friend.

Whether you’re playing with friends near or far, having a board game night is a great way to socialize with the ones you love! Try it out.